Sunday, September 6, 2009

Debrief activity

After the students have attended the field trip, we will engage in a class discussion to debrief. Have the individual students write in their science journals to reflect on their learning experience at the Griffith Observatory. Have the students create a model the solar system. Emphasize that our planet earth is just one of the nine planets that orbits the sun, and with all of the technological advances throughout the generations we have yet to explore all that is to be discovered in the vast mysterious place which is our universe.


  1. Your overall blog emphasizes how the field trip was used to encourage students to discover and this posting clearly states that point. I like how you used the blog to not only share the fieldtrip experience with parents but to also share an insight of your approach to teaching science.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, nice pictures! I like they layout of your blog too, it's very professional. The debrief activity is a good idea for students to apply what they learned on the fieldtrip inside the classroom.