Sunday, September 6, 2009

Discovering the Scientist Within

The Griffith Observatory will inspire the students to view the world they live in through the eyes of a telescope. The student observers are given opportunities in active learning, exploration and inquiry activities, making connections to their lived experiences. Other special benefits of visiting this site is that it will deepen and extend their understanding of astronomy.

Adequately prepare students before the visit

An integrated teaching approach will be used in the classroom to familiarize the students with several aspects of what will be observed at the Griffith Observatory.

The students will be provided with differentiated instruction as an adaptation for English learners and students with special needs in preparation for this fields trip. The students will be presented with videos, developmentally appropriate books and vocabulary terms to better prepare them for the astronomy exhibits that they will see at the field trip site.
The students will learn about the science of the study of stars and our role in the greater system of the universe.

Resource materials to assist in preparation teaching

The Griffith Observatory provides materials such as the Griffith Observer that has information that can be used in my teaching. The continued use of a variety of resources such as literature, the internet and participation in professional enrichment activities will assist in my preparation for planning to teach science. For resource materials:

2800 East Observatory Road
Los Angeles, California, 90027

For general information (213) 473-0890


Debrief activity

After the students have attended the field trip, we will engage in a class discussion to debrief. Have the individual students write in their science journals to reflect on their learning experience at the Griffith Observatory. Have the students create a model the solar system. Emphasize that our planet earth is just one of the nine planets that orbits the sun, and with all of the technological advances throughout the generations we have yet to explore all that is to be discovered in the vast mysterious place which is our universe.

Personal Insights and photos

The Griffith Observatory is an accessible and accomodating facility. This is and ideal site for a field trip, because there is so much to see and to learn. This learning experience inspires students to view everything from a scientific perspective.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Griffith Park

A nearby park provides an optimal area to picnic and enjoy the surroundings. At the park, the students are able to explore and interact with nature. Prepare students before the visit with expected field trip behavior. Encourage students's parents or guardians to help prepare their well rested students with a good breakfast and a packed lunch!

Astronomy Exhibits

There are interactive displays and moving models to demonstrate the cosmic impact of objects in space and the effects on earth. The students will discover learning about science. The Griffith Observatory can inspire a future astronomer to learn about our cosmic history.

So much to explore and discover!

The Griffith Observatory offers several programs and presentations to enjoy. The students are able learn science in an engaging atmosphere, making connections by observing, predicting, manipulating objects, investigating and constructing new ideas through meaningful science experiences. Overall, an eye opening perspective of the world.